Yes It’s True, Katie Holmes Had Her Own Secret Entrance Into The Chelsea Whole Foods

After Katie Holmes split from superstar husband Tom Cruise back in 2012, she took up residence in the Chelsea Mercantile building with the couple’s adorable daughter, Suri. Naturally, Holmes desired privacy from the swarms of paparazzi that constantly surrounded her. A search for normalcy after such a public split was all the actress was after.

While Katie Holmes lived in the Chelsea location, there were reports that she had somehow been granted a secret way to enter into the Whole Foods that was on the building’s ground floor. Holmes and Suri were snapped several times by photographers when they exited the grocery store, however, no one ever seemed to witness the pair enter the establishment.

Until yesterday, the claims were all merely speculation. However, as NY Racked notes, “thanks to a Gawker tipster, we now know that the rumor was entirely, 100% true.”

The tip that confirmed the rumor to be true came by way of a resident of the Mercantile building in the form of a note.

“I’ve lived in the Mercantile since [redacted] and have it on excellent authority that there is indeed a way to enter Whole Foods from the basement of the building. Now, I haven’t entered that way myself, but a very good source with the building tells me that it is possible.”

The source followed this up by indicating that gaining access through the basement is only possible with permission from the Whole Foods’ managerial staff.

A municipal engineer also confirmed with the publication that Holmes would have easily gained access without having to step foot outside. He, however, does not recommend attempting to go this route without permission, as a fire alarm would sound if the building’s superintendent or a Whole Foods staff worker were not aware.

As Page Six recalls, Katie was not just concerned about paparazzi snapping pics of herself and Suri.

“Holmes also said at the time that she thought members of her ex-hubby’s cult-like religion, Scientology, were watching her after their breakup,” the outlet reported.

When residents of the trendy neighborhood were questioned about their view on the special treatment that Holmes received at the store, many were understanding.

As Page Six recounted, a regular shopper at the Chelsea Whole Foods, Sally Jones, stated, “It doesn’t matter to me, and honestly, it makes sense.”

Holmes’ rep could not be reached, and a Whole Foods manager at the specific location “declined to confirm or deny the report.”

[Feature image via ABC News]