Multiple Alien UFO Bases And Structures Found On The Moon, UFO Researcher Claims

A UFO researcher claims he has identified at least 30 alien UFO bases and structures on the lunar surface using Google Moon.

According to the French moon anomaly researcher, Sebastien Spelier, in a French-language video posted to YouTube on March 30, 2015 he was able to identify multiple forms and anomalies some of which might be UFOs, and others buildings or bases near the Dorsum Gast area of the moon.

The coordinates of some of the structures are listed below.

Coordinates 1: 21°54’26.17″N 9°20’36.05″E

Coordinates 2: 22°42’38.96″N 8°34’5.18″E

Coordinates 3: 22° 7’29.46″N 8° 7’35.68″E

Spelier comments in his YouTube video that the clearly identifiable structures dispel all doubts about alien presence on the moon despite NASA’s silence on the matter.

Alien Base
Alien Moon Base

Allegations that alien life exists on the moon and that NASA is concealing the truth is popular in UFO and alien conspiracy circles. Spelier’s interpretation of certain patterns of dark shapes on the moon as alien bases is not unusual and probably derives from the vague similarity of the shapes to the appearance of compounds and buildings on Google Earth images.

According to Scot Waring, editor of UFO Sightings Daily, all the photos showing the alleged alien structures are “untouched and original. No altering done.”

This is not the first time that Spelier has posted to YouTube a video in which he claims to be able to identify alien bases on the moon. In a previous YouTube video he claimed he was able to identify 40 alien bases in area “over 2,600 km long.” As far as he could judge the structures were artificial and not natural.

And as already indicated, Spelier is not the first moon anomaly hunter to claim discovery of lunar alien bases. In January, 2014, an anomaly hunter attracted plenty of attention online after he reported sighting a wedge-shaped structure on the moon in a small lunar crater (22°42’38.46″N 142°34’44.52″) located at the edge of Mare Moscoviense.

What appeared to distinguish the structure as being likely artificial was a row of seven “nodes” that looked like artificial lights arranged in a v-pattern at 90 degrees angle along the edge of the structure.

Alien Moon Base

The symmetry of the arrangement appeared to bear a clear stamp of artificial design.

Also in August, 2014, UFO Sightings Daily’s Scott Warring reported sighting on Google Moon an alien base in the equatorial region of the moon (19°43’02.81″ N 20°30’52.97″).

Moon Base

“On the back side alone there is seven to eight right angles. The darkness around the edges seems to tell us that there is a large cavity underneath the structure, under the ground and also along the edges here there is a walled area which tells us there is a cavity there because the wall is to keep things from falling in.”

Speculations about alien bases and structures based on sightings of dark shapes on moon have been dismissed by experts as “artifacts from the digital photography software,” according to the International Business Times.

However, UFO and anomaly hunters aren’t convinced and have wondered aloud what sort of “artifacts from the digital photography software” generate wedge-shaped structures with lights arranged in what appear perfect symmetrical order.

[Images: UFO Sightings Daily; YouTube]