‘GTA V’ PC Trailer: Los Santos in 60FPS Looks Stellar

For those looking to catch a glimpse of Grand Theft Auto V running on PC in 60 frames-per-second, your wait is finally over.

Rockstar Games released the long-awaited launch trailer for the upcoming PC version of GTA V, touting the computer version’s ability to play in what has become the industry standard for frames-per-second.

The trailer shows some sweeping scenes of Los Santos, showing the GTA city smoother than it has ever been showcased before. As a result of the higher framerate, driving through the city in GTA V will feel more real, gun fights will be more responsive, and the game will overall look more realistic as a result.

While the current console generation versions of Grand Theft Auto are a stark upgrade over the original Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions, the PC iteration of GTA V will be objectively the best version yet. Not only will the PC version allow for 60 FPS, it will also support native 4K resolutions, a massive upgrade over even the 1080p, sometimes 30 FPS currently on display on consoles.

Grand Theft Auto V for PC has been delayed multiple times; it was originally slated to launch last January. The game was then pushed back from that date till March, only to be pushed back again. Now set to release on April 14, Rockstar simply stated the reason for the delays was to make the PC version more optimized.

For those who missed it last week, GTA V PC screenshots were released as well, with Rockstar showcasing the game’s full 4K pixel glory in the snapshots. However, as Forbes points out, you can’t always judge a game based on the marketing.

The PC version of GTA V will also have a full video editor, allowing players to create unique and original video content right inside the game itself. While nothing has been seen regarding how the video editor will work, Rockstar has touted it as being extremely powerful and perfectly suited for PC. GTA V will also benefit from the vast majority of mods, as with previous releases. Modders take to Grand Theft Auto more than some other games, and in fact, some modders couldn’t wait for GTA V to release, so they recreated it themselves.

For fans looking to enjoy Grand Theft Auto V on PC, you’ll be happy to note that the system requirements are relatively modest. GTA V releases on April 14 on Steam and major retailers.

[Image via Rockstar]