Katie Maloney Talks ‘Vanderpump Rules,’ Tom Schwartz Engagement: ‘A Proposal Is Coming’

Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz could be engaged by the time Vanderpump Rules returns for a fifth season. If, of course, it is renewed. In a new interview, the SUR Lounge waitress opened up about her upcoming engagement, and plans for children.

“I’m confident now that a proposal is coming,” she explained to Cupid’s Pulse on March 30.

Throughout the third season of Vanderpump Rules, Katie Maloney made it no secret that she wanted to be engaged, so when her longtime boyfriend, Schwartz, presented her with a ring on a string during Scheana Marie and Mike Shay’s wedding, she was understandably upset. Although Schwartz’s intentions were good, the gesture was simply a reminder that she didn’t yet have the ring she was hoping for.

Now, Katie Maloney claims an engagement could happen at any time.

“We’re in the best place that we’ve been in. We went through hell, and we decided that our relationship is important to us both. We’re committed equally to it, and I think we’re more in love than we have been.”

During season 3, Katie Maloney and Schwartz both found themselves dodging rumors of infidelity. However, when it came to the rumors regarding Schwartz, he later admitted to cheating on his girlfriend by kissing another girl. While the issue was certainly difficult for Katie Maloney to handle, she and Schwartz eventually moved past the issue.

Although Katie Maloney isn’t quite engaged, she’s already considering how her wedding will be. In addition to saying she wanted a stress-free affair, Maloney confirmed she is open to a televised wedding.

As for her and Schwartz’s next chapter, Katie Maloney said she’d love to become a mother.

“I definitely want us to enjoy being married for a bit before we start having kids. And that’s why I want to get the ball moving — I’m young, but I’m not getting younger!”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Katie Maloney was rumored to have gotten engaged to Schwartz last month, but set the record straight during an interview with Pursuitist. She also confirmed during the interview that she has lifted a previous deadline she set for Schwartz in regard to their future engagement.

“I don’t want to force him. I know he wants to – we’re both almost about ready, so not giving him an expiration date is best.”

When Katie Maloney was asked if she’d return to VanderpumpRules for a fourth season, she replied, “Of course!”

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