Coyote Attack: New Hampshire Teen Attacked By Potentially Rabid Coyote

Victor Johnson - Author

Apr. 20 2014, Updated 1:17 a.m. ET

A teenager out walking the family dog in the woods in Hopkinton, New Hampshire was attacked by a coyote which is believed to be potentially rabid as coyote attacks on humans is considered unusual. The boy’s dog ran away when the coyote approached which left the boy to fend off the coyote’s attack on his own. After repeatedly punching the coyote in the nose, the coyote eventually ran off leaving the boy scratched and potentially bitten. As a precautionary measure, the teen is undergoing a course of rabies shots intended to thwart the deadly viral infection.

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Local officials believe that there is a distinct possibility that the coyote who attacked the teenager is also responsible for an attack earlier this week on a dog in Hopkinton. The dog which was attacked earlier in the week survived the attack after receiving veterinary care.

As a coyote attacking a human is considered highly unusual aggressive behavior, it is believed that the coyote is likely rabid. For which reason, Fish and Game conservation officers intend on killing the animal on sight. After which point, they intend on testing the coyote for rabies.

According to wildlife biologist Pat Tate, this would be the first known occurrence of a coyote attacking a person in the state of New Hampshire. Tate goes on to express his belief that this particular incident, while scary, is no reason to fear wild animals in a general sense as this particular coyote is likely rabid and thus exhibits unusual aggression which causes it to attack. If a coyote expresses any interest in a human, this is apparently considered unordinary and should be perceived as a cautionary sign indicating that the coyote might indeed be dangerous. If a coyote does appear to be a threat, Tate suggests you make loud noises by shouting at it, throwing objects, and hitting it hard on either the head or in the snout (if you must) as to ensure that it understands you are indeed a worthy adversary.

Those who reside in the Hopkinton, New Hampshire area are advised to call the Fish and Game dispatch center at (603) 271-3361 during the day and 911 at night if they happen to see this particularly aggressive coyote.



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