Tyecka Evans Went Clubbing And Left A 9-Year-Old To Watch Two Infants: The Results, Tragic

Tyecka Evans, 28, has been accused of leaving her children at home alone with no adult supervision to go clubbing. As a result, one of her kids is now deceased, having suffocated when she became trapped with her head stuck in a plastic bag, police claim.

The child was pronounced dead at 3:06 a.m., according to a report from WESH in Ocala, Florida.

Initially, Tyecka indicated that she’d fallen asleep while her daughter was “sleeping on a blanket and boppy pillow. When Evans awoke, she found the child not breathing with her head inside a plastic bag.

However, police claim to have surveillance footage of Tyecka Evans coming home at 2:36 a.m.. From the footage, they allege, it’s clear that there were no adults left with the child.

In the footage, she is seen running upstairs but then flagging her sister to come up to her apartment.

“There was no adult left on scene with these children. They were left alone and the most horrible thing that can happen did,” Ocala Police Sgt. Amy Scroble said.

In addition to the 3-month-old victim, a 1-year-old and a 9-year-old child were also left at the home at approximately 1 a.m., Evans later admitted.

Ocala Police also revealed they had CrimeStoppers tips that placed Evans and her sister at an area night club.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first case of alleged child neglect yielding tragic results that the Inquisitr has reported.

Take the 2012 case of Reena Mae, a 3-year-old who prior to her drowning, had been spotted wandering around her community six times without an adult present.

In Mae’s case, her parents were arrested and charged with felony child neglect.

It’s not uncommon for cases like that one and Tyecka’s to get lighter sentences. Often, courts take into consideration the age and mental level of the parent, and since parenting is a large responsibility that many who have kids aren’t ready for, that tends to factor in to final sentencing.

Even so, supporters of stiffer punishments point out that it’s a no-brainer that you shouldn’t allow a 3-year-old to wander off 12 blocks from your house on her own or leave a 9-year-old to take care of two infants.

In the case of Tyecka Evans, she is facing charges of manslaughter and has been released on $30,000 bond. Her sister could also face charges for lying to police about where she was at the time of the child’s death. What do you think should happen to the women if convicted?

[Image via WFTV, Orlando]