Nike’s New Shoe Line Records How High You Jump, How Far You Run and How Often You Step

Forget shoes that only tell you how far you’ve run on your iPhone or the self-lacing shoe straight out of the movie Back to the Future, the newest shoes from Nike let you know how far your vertical has risen or fallen over time along with other metrics that show off your athletic abilities.

Nike on Wednesday showed off its new line of Nike+ footwear and the new shoes keep a tab on how far you travel throughout the day, how many steps you’ve taken and even how high you jump based on vertical height.

That information is then sent to web apps, iPhone and iPod devices, allowing users to track their data on a continual basis.

The Nike+ line of shoes will drop on June 29 in select US markets.

Nike has broken the shoes into two categories: training and basketball with LeBron James sponsoring the HyperDunk+ this summer.

The new line of shoes could be the perfect option for coaches who figure out how to optimized statistics from the shoes. For example a basketball coach can use the Nike+ shoe stats to determine which players are the fastest and which players play best at any point during a given game.

The Nike+ shoes even provide a “showcase” mode which turns an athletes performance into a viewable video.

The new tech friendly shoes in the training category features well-known athletes performing workout routines that can be tailored for a wearers needs.

Here’s a teaser video for the Nike+ shoe line courtesy of LeBron James:

[iframe src=”” width=”640? height=”360?]

Will you be running out to purchase a pair of shoes from the Nike+ basketball or training line?

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