Vince Neil Annihilates National Anthem, Get Ready To Cringe [Video]

Shelley Hazen

There's nothing quite so embarrassing as watching an aging rock star annihilate a song before an audience of thousands. Motley Crue's Vince Neil just did that to the National Anthem at a football game in Vegas Monday, and the footage is epic.

The event was the Las Vegas Outlaws AFL game – part of the new United States Football league franchise, Hollywood Life reported. And the song is one that has tripped up many a storied singer.

Neil was escorted onto the field by some cheerleaders – no hint yet of the disaster to come. But as soon as the mic got into his hand, things went downhill. The first clue: his version of the patriotic tune started off with an excited "here we go!"

And things didn't get better.

Vince struggled his way through the challenging melody, barely reaching the low notes and wavering at the high. At best, the performance could be called shaky, at worst … well, we'll leave it at that.

But Vince gets some points for effort.

As does the crowd. As the rocker finished up the anthem – screeching his way to "'rockets' red glare" – they offered some supportive cheers. And thus, Neil was able to finish his performance with at least some of his dignity intact.

That was, until, social media got a hold of him.

[Photo Courtesy YouTube Screengrab]