Fur Coat Killer: Animal Rights Activists Tries To Hire Hitman To Kill Random Fur-Wearing Person

Say what you want about the animal rights group PETA at least they have not went to the extreme love of animals that Meredith Lowell, 27, attempted to achieve. Meredith is accused of attempting to hire a hitman to kill a random fur-wearing member of the public.

To find a fur-hating hitman Lowell is alleged to have created a fake Facebook profile which she then used to solicit a potential hitman.

In her rather morbid Facebook request Lowell said she wanted the fur wearing person to be either shot or knifed to death at a local library so she could watch the murder take place in public.

After the random victim was killed Meredith Lowell then planned to pass out animal cruelty pamphlets to people who witnessed the kill.

Meredith was caught after an undercover FBI agent contacted her for more information. Meredith then emailed the following instructions to the FBI agent:

“Bring a sharp knife that is at least 4 inches long, it should be sharp enough to stab someone with and/or to slit their throat to kill them.”

The crazy animal rights activist then added that the victim should be at least 12-years-old but preferably 14 or older. Meredith then added that she wanted them “dead in less than 2 minutes (under 2 minutes or 1 minute or less would be better.)”

Shortly after the email was sent the FBI agent jumped into action and Meredith Lowell was arrested on Tuesday.

Do you think a long jail sentence will be handed down to Meredith or is a vacation in her local mental hospital a more realistic possibility?