FBI Purges Muslim Slurs From Training Manuals

During a months-long review of FBI manuals officials found various inaccuracies involving Muslims and the Arab nation as a whole, issues that have been dealt with through the purging of those documents.

The review began after the September 2012 issue of Wired magazine revealed that the manuals called the Prophet Muhammad a “cult leader and then claimed that “devout” Muslims are typically violent towards others and have been for hundreds of year among other controversial statements.

Speaking about the review and document purge the agency says the comments were made in “poor taste” because of stereotypical views of Arab and Muslim beliefs.

According to FBI officials of the 160,000 training material pages found within the FBI training manuals less than 1 percent were removed because of comments made against Muslim and Arab populations. The documents purged including manuals and other documents created since September 11, 2001.

The FBI documents were used for new recruit trianing, continuing education and other group presentations.

In order to correct such actions the FBI has been working with advocacy groups to explain what happened and to outline “corrective actions.”

FBI spokesman Christopher Allen tell Fox News:

“The Muslim American community is an essential partner in our efforts not only to prevent terrorism, but to address other crime concerns that affect communities, including the protection of civil rights.”

The biggest concern over the documents has been that al Qaeda used them to claim that America was out to start a war with Islam as a whole, rather then focusing on just radical Muslim extremists.

Do you think removing the radical attacks against all of the Muslim and Arab nations was the right decision?

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