Brandi Glanville Tells Andy Cohen ‘F–k You’ After He Compares Her To A Dog On ‘RHOBH’ Reunion

Brandi Glanville appeared on last night’s Season 5 reunion for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and while she certainly didn’t hold back with her co-stars, her main aggression appeared to be taken out on host Andy Cohen.

After the issue of Brandi Glanville’s slap was brought up on part one of the reunion special, Lisa Vanderpump attempted to explain her thoughts. While Vanderpump acknowledged that Glanville’s slap was not something that physically hurt her, but rather a violation, Cohen explained his own thoughts comparing Glanville to a playful dog.

In a show highlight, shared by Bravo on March 31, Brandi Glanville was seen reacting to Cohen’s comment.

“It seemed like almost, forgive the comparison, but it’s almost like you’re playing with your dog and all of the sudden your dog bites you by mistake, you know what I mean?”

After the host made his statement, Brandi Glanville fired back, telling Cohen, “F–k you! Who says that?”

“No, like, I mean you’re playing and it goes one step to far,” Cohen attempted to explain.

During the episode in question, Brandi Glanville and Vanderpump were discussing scenes from The Love Boat, and Glanville suggested Vanderpump should give her a kiss. When Vanderpump declined to do so, telling Glanville she may slap her if she was to move forward with the idea, Glanville slapped her on the cheek.

Although Cohen claimed he was trying to make a point for Brandi Glanville, she wasn’t buying it.

“No, that’s bulls–t. You don’t say that. I’ve taken enough abuse since I’ve been here. I’m not going to take it from you too.”

As the Inquisitr reported, Brandi Glanville eventually apologized to Vanderpump for slapping her, but the restaurateur wasn’t ready to move on from the incident and felt she had reached her breaking point in her and Glanville’s relationship.

On March 18, Vanderpump wrote the following in her Bravo blog.

“I assumed if I accepted the flowers, that meant I had to accept the apology. Accepting the apology means I am perpetuating the behavior, so therefore I wasn’t prepared to do that.”

“I am not accusing BG of a heinous crime (pushing and slapping), but it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I had reached my limit of allowances for her.”

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