Bridge To Nowhere Returns in 2012 Presidential Election

Once again, the now infamous “Bridge to Nowhere” has sparked controversy after former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney took a stab at Rick Santorum during Wednesday’s Republican presidential debate in which Mitt Romney said:

“While I was fighting to save the Olympics, you were fighting to save the bridge to nowhere.”

For those of you who somehow managed to miss all prior references to the bridge to nowhere during the 2008 presidential race, the “bridge to nowhere” refers to a never-built bridge intended to connect Ketchikan, Alaska to a small island airport that’s currently accessible by ferry. The bridge to nowhere, which does not actually exist, has been wielded as a political weapon with which political rivals have accused one another of supporting frivolous government spending as the bridge to nowhere was intended to cost hundreds of millions of dollars and is essentially an unnecessary luxury funded by funds provided by Congress otherwise known as earmarks.