Tim Tebow Goes Hollywood

The hot to trot Denver Brocos player, Tim Tebow, has proved himself to be quite an asset in the last year. He’s made great plays for his team, and the media blitz that’s surrounding him doesn’t hurt either.

In the last year he was rumored to be dating singer Katy Perry (which he later denied), he’s made controversial relgioust comments, and he just seems to be on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Well now, Tim Tebow has decided to sign a contract with talent agency William Morris Endeavor, which was confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter earlier in the day.

As of right now WME will handle the 24 year-old quarterback’s image, book deals, public appearances, endorsement deals, and future television and film roles that may come his way. However, Tebow is still signed to CAA, and they will continue to handle his athletic career and football contracts.

Since breaking out of the pack this year, Tebow has brought a certain image to the NFL that has been lacking for quite some time, and might be the best entertainment star as of late. In Heisman trophy winner has started a trend called “Tebowing” from his signature move, which has ran all over Facebook to football lovers living rooms.

A lot of industry people have suggested that Tebow has a bright future ahead of him as a star and football player, and if his endorsement deal to Nike is evident of that, then there’s no doubt we’ll be seeing a lot of Tim Tebow.