Tim Tebow Denies Dating Katy Perry

Katy Perry may have dedicated her song “Peacock” to evangelical quarterback Tim Tebow before the super bowl but that doesn’t mean the two are a couple. In fact Tebow has specifically said it isn’t true.

Katy Perry’s mother, who is also an evangelical, made headlines when she said she would like to see her daughter and the clean cut virgin quaterback get together.

On Monday, the 24-year-old Tebow met with 100 children at the Challengers Boys & Girls Club in Los Angeles. he was there with a message that all the kids should learn to read and to talk about his own problems with dyslexia. .

E! News reported that one of the kids went up to Tebow and asked him if he and Katy Perry were a thing?

Tebow was amused by the question and laughed as he assured the children that he doesn’t have a thing with Perry.

Katy Perry is the daughter to two radical preachers in the Ohio Valley. Her mother and father are both leaders of a church where they routinely discuss salvation and fire and brimstone.

Tebow, who is very open about his devout religious beliefs is saving his virginity for marriage and looking for the right Christian girl.

Perry is not the only girl that has been linked to Tebow. There were persistent rumors that Kim Kardashian wanted to get herself a piece of Tim Tebow but it turned out that those rumors were false. Kardashian has supposedly sworn off football players after her relationship with Reggie Bush.

Do you think Tim Tebow and Katy Perry would make a cute couple?

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