Kim Kardashian Interview: ‘Kim Takes Malaysia’ Spinoff?

If you don’t know, Kim Kardashian has a serious fan base in Malaysia. Well, during an interview with Aznil Nawawi, she mentions a possible future for the viewership.

Malaysia is a huge fashion capital. And since this is true, it’s an ideal location for Kim Kardashian. Well, it seems that she already has an adequate presence in the country. There are scores of Malaysian “Kardashians” who enjoy Kim’s video game, let alone her actual brand.

As if to dive deeper into the Kardashian net worth, Nawawi prepared a few questions for Kim to elaborate in light of his Malaysian viewers. And one of those questions was as follows.

“Have you ever, also, thought that you’ll be taking this show, like, ‘Kim Takes Malaysia’, for example?”

Before you read her response, for those that don’t know, this particular Kardashian has been labeled a branding genius by NY Daily News and Forbes in the past. Though Kim receives a lot of scrutiny and criticism about dating well-notarized men, she has several successful business ventures of her own.

And it appears that she’s a lot more intelligent than she leads on. All one has to do is listen to one of her interviews. She’s quite the professional. Like it or not, Kim is a hot commodity.

For instance, did you know that Kardashian’s husband, Kanye West, is Googled approximately 1.83 million times a month, according to Google Analytics?

Kanye West Average Google Searches Per Month
Credits: Google

Well, did you also know that, by the same tool, Kim is Googled approximately 11.1 million times a month? That’s quite the contrast, no?

Kim Kardashian Average Google Searches Per Month
Credits: Google

Nevertheless, getting back to the interview, Kardashian responded to his question as follows.

“I’ve heard Malaysia’s amazing. I have a lot of Malaysian friends. I would love to do an international spinoff. I don’t know where that would be. Um, we actually were going to do our family vacation in Malaysia, last time. We ended up going to Thailand, because they couldn’t figure out all the logistics in time. But I know it’s one place we want to go so badly. Hopefully, we can do a family vacation there.”

So, Kim’s not saying for sure just yet that an international spinoff is in the works. However, that particular country is one which piques her interest. And since she already has many ties in Malaysia, it’s not exactly a bad choice, especially as one of the world-fashion capitals.

So, what are your thoughts about the Kardashian‘s possible business venture? Given her track record, do you think it’d be a hit or a miss?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Photo Credits: YouTube]