Dad Discovers The Secret Of Making A Baby Fall Asleep [Video]

Keeping a baby asleep at night can be demanding, but one innovative dad has figured out a new solution involving a remote-control truck.

The method isn’t entirely a secret. Many parents already know their baby will instantly fall asleep in the back of a moving car. According to the Telegraph, the motion and vibrations of a moving vehicle gently rock the baby to sleep. But what about a remote-control truck?

Turns out, it works as well.

In a new viral video titled “Watch What Happens When I Leave Daddy Home Alone With Baby,” the dad shows off his sleeping bundle of joy, along with his remote-control truck driving skills.

Of course, you’ve probably noticed a few flaws with the new baby sleeping method. If the father has to drive the truck, then he’ll never get a chance to sleep himself. It’s up to some genius inventor to come up with a self-driving truck baby bed for the sleepy parent.

Until then, plenty of people appear to be enjoying the video. It was posted a little over two weeks ago and has already been viewed over a million times.

Surprisingly enough, even when the truck starts going in reverse and beeping, the baby stays sound asleep.

Of course, this is dad’s method to solving the baby sleeping problem, but moms have their own ways.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, one mother, named Kimberly Henderson, went the more traditional route and would sing her baby to sleep. She made a video of her beautiful singing, which quickly went viral. The mom even released a single, “Tiny Hearts,” which is available on Amazon and iTunes.

If you don’t have a remote-control truck or a pitch-perfect singing voice, the first few nights of child-rearing can be a strain.

According to the Mayo Clinic, babies typically sleep for about 16 hours a day. The problem is, it’s usually only for a few hours at a time. Then it’s back awake and crying. Eventually newborns form a routine on their own, but the clinic gives a few hints to help the process along.

For one, they encourage parents to give the child a pacifier to help calm him or her down (it also reduces the chances of sudden infant death syndrome).

They also say making sure the baby is drowsy, but awake, when he or she goes to bed is preferable, because the kid will learn to associate the bed with falling asleep. The full list of the Mayo Clinics suggestions can be found here. Until that dad gets his remote control truck bed on the mass market, the list might be parents’ best hope of getting a full night’s sleep.

[Image Credit: Getty Images]