Rush Limbaugh: Indiana Religious Freedom Law Distorted By Critics

Rush Limbaugh says critics in the mainstream media and on the left are distorting and even outright lying about the religious freedom law signed by Governor Mike Pence in Indiana. Limbaugh said, on his syndicated radio show, The Rush Limbaugh Show, today that critics of the Indiana law are lying in claiming that businesses routinely refuse to provides services to gays and lesbians, and that the new law is discriminatory against the LGBT community. Limbaugh compared this to the allegedly false claims that “hands up, don’t shoot” happened in Ferguson, Missouri, which was found to be a false claim when investigated by the Dept. of Justice.

“Now, the news organizations — ABC, CBS, NBC, and all the others — just had a collective cow over this (the Indiana law). And rather than provide any kind of balance, rather than explain the history and the context and the true meaning and detail of the Indiana law, they predictably began to trash the legislation and Indianans as a bunch of bigots opening the door to discrimination against gays and lesbians,” Rush Limbaugh said.

Limbaugh sees the effort to distort the meaning of the religious freedom law as part of a political agenda on the part of those who oppose Republicans. Opposition to the Indiana law seeks to demonize the law itself, and those who support it as bigoted extremists who want businesses to be able to discriminate against homosexuals.

“That’s how bad they tried to portray it, because Pence was again dealing with, ‘Here’s what the law is and these are the facts,’ and that doesn’t matter to people over here who are attempting to further an agenda — and, I might add further, the brand destruction of Republicans and the GOP,’ Rush Limbaugh said today. ‘By the way, this is how and why a bunch of mainstream Republicans are running around all saying, ‘We’ve gotta get rid of social issues! We’ve just got to! We can’t win a thing with abortion and gay rights! We gotta get rid of social issues. We gotta stick to economic matters.’ “

“Indiana is the new ground zero over the Republican Party’s future,” CNN reports about the political battle over Indiana’s religious freedom law. Calling the Indiana law a “controversial religious freedom bill,” CNN claims the measure “is being criticized for allowing companies to deny services to gay customers in the name of religious belief.” But even the perceived front-running candidates for the GOP nomination in 2016 doesn’t see the debate over the Indiana religious freedom law that way.

CNN reported that Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, believed to be the most moderate Republican potential candidate for president in 2016, defended the Indiana religious freedom law signed by Gov. Pence. Jeb Bush told talk show host Hugh Hewitt, “I think Governor Pence has done the right thing. Florida has a law like this. Bill Clinton signed a law like this at the federal level. This is simply allowing people of faith space to be able to express their beliefs, to be able to be people of conscience. I think once the facts are established, people aren’t going to see this as discriminatory at all.”

Indiana’s Governor Mike Pence denies the legislation is anti-gay, the Inquisitr reported yesterday.

“Mike Pence is doubling-down in support of Indiana’s Religious freedom law and said the controversial legislation some deem as ‘anti-gay’ [is] not going away any time soon. The Religious Freedom Restoration Act reportedly mirrors federal legislation signed into law by President Bill Clinton and was passed unanimously in Illinois when President Barack Obama was a state senator,” the Inquisitr reported.

[Photo of Indiana protests from NBC]