Taylor Swift Invites Fans To Sit With Her At iHeart Music Awards

It’s great to be Taylor Swift these days. Not only did she give a historic performance with Madonna at the iHeart Music Awards, but she also took home three awards from the same event. Taylor may be the hottest thing on the planet right now, but she still has time for her fans and did another wonderful thing for them. Buzzfeed describe’s Taylor Swift‘s latest saintly deed.

“Taylor Swift has proved time and time again that there’s nothing she won’t do for her fans…And last night at the iHeartRadio Awards, she once again tracked down some of her biggest fans, inviting them back to her table to chat and snap some pictures.”

Buzzfeed notes that it all started when two fans posted notes on Tumblr, alerting Taylor Swift that they would be at the iHeart Music Awards. Swift followed them on Tumblr. At the awards, they were pulled out of the pit and invited to join the Princess of Pop at her table.

Taylor Swift has done other great things for her fans recently, including help them pay off their student loans. It’s not difficult to see why even the Queen of Pop, Madonna, has embraced Taylor Swift so much. Taylor performed guitar when Madonna sang “Ghosttown” at the awards and PopCrush, as well as others, praised the pairing.

“These days, we’re used to seeing Taylor bop around onstage in crop tops and matching skirts, so it was a pleasant change of pace to see her chilled out and strumming on a guitar like the old days while Madonna sang her track. It was an unexpectedly stripped-down performance from Madonna, who usually brings maximum theatrics to her live shows. However, we loved that this brought an intense amount of emotion.”

Taylor Swift may even have love on her side. Rumors of a romance with Calvin Harris have been rampant. The Hollywood Life quotes an alleged “source” that says both are ready to settle down.

“Calvin has enormous respect for Taylor, and he’s been incredibly gentlemanly towards her so far in their courtship. For that reason, her friends, knowing full well about his past reputation, are going to give him the benefit of doubt and trust him with Taylor. There’s no doubt that Calvin has always had a long stream of female admirers. He’s also been a bit of a player in the past – but he wants to do the right thing by Taylor.”

One really has to take the Calvin Harris rumors with a grain of salt. However, even if the romance rumors are true and the couple don’t work out, there will be plenty of men in the wings waiting for Taylor Swift.

[Photo Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images]