Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Coach Jason Garrett Speaks On Trading For Adrian Peterson – All May Now Be In Place

The Dallas Cowboys are getting ever closer to the 2015 NFL Draft, and that may not spell good news for a hopeful and possible trade for running back Adrian Peterson. Rumors have it happening or not happening and then happening again, but some believe all may be perfectly in place for it, and now Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett has finally spoken on it.

The Minnesota Vikings want him back and as of now, they’re pretty sure that will happen. With him being under contract and the Vikings having no plans to release him, it’s expected that Adrian Peterson will be in training camp in purple.

Some still believe that he’s not going to be a Viking in 2015, and that’s due in large part to his agent saying that they “want out of Minnesota.” No coaches will touch on the situation really, but Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett has now spoken out, per 24/7 Sports.

“Obviously a great, great football player. You don’t need me to tell you that. (Peterson’s) one of the great players in this league and has been since he came in from Oklahoma a number of years ago. But again, we’re focused on our team.”

Now, Garrett can’t speak directly on the pursuit of Adrian Peterson by the Dallas Cowboys and if they’re doing it or not. He’s not against having him in the organization, but wouldn’t say much else either.

“He’s obviously a member of the Minnesota Vikings. And we wish him all the best coming back from the situation that he’s been in so we can kind of get his career back on track and his life back on track. We’re focused on the guys that we have.”

As of now, Adrian Peterson is under contract with the Minnesota Vikings through 2017, and the team has said they will not release him. With the year moving on, it appears more likely that Peterson won’t be going anywhere, but Fan Sided sees things differently.

Comparisons have now been made to the 2011 debacle that was the relationship between quarterback Carson Palmer and the Cincinnati Bengals. Cincy wouldn’t let Palmer go either, even though he wanted out at any cost.

The Bengals kept talking about how he was a prime part of their team, their plans, and their future, and they had no intention of letting him go. A number of months later, Palmer was traded to the Oakland Raiders.

The rumors of the Dallas Cowboys acquiring Adrian Peterson aren’t going to die until it happens. It doesn’t matter that the 2015 NFL Draft is approaching or that training camp is on the way; the rumors will keep going and as a trade seems farther away, it also seems closer.

[Image via Fan Sided]