Forty Kids And Counting? Mike Holpin, Father Of 40, Keeps Track Of Kids Through Tattoos

Mike Holpin has so many kids that he has resorted to tattooing their names on his own body just to keep track of them. And the father of the astounding total of at least 40 children — he admits there may even be a “few more” of his own offspring “out there” — says he’s not done fathering kids yet.

His 40 children, mothered by 20 different women, range in ages between 3 and 37. His back now bears his gigantic family tree, with names intertwined between leaves and branches, and if Holpin has his wish, that tree tattoo will continue to branch out. And considering his views on birth control, chances are, his family will grow.

“I don’t believe in contraception and I love sex.”

That certainly seems like the right recipe for even more children.

Despite confessing love for all 40 of his children, it hasn’t all been family picnics and Christmas dinners for Holpin and his brood. His battle with alcoholism led to many of his children being taken from him, growing up in the foster system rather than with a parent. But the now-reformed Holpin claims his biggest wish is to reunite all his children together.

“Due to my drinking and my womanizing, most of my kids have gone through the care system. It makes me feel like s*** because they’ve suffered. They [social services] took them from me because I’m an alcoholic. I’m still an alcoholic – I just don’t practice it.”

And as each child was taken from him, Holpin says he made each one of them a promise — which he is now trying to fulfill.

“When they went into care, I made a promise that no matter how long it took, I will get my kids home.”

He added, “I miss all the fun we used to have so I guess getting them back, my life will be set. My life will be perfect.”

Along with his children being removed, Holpin’s alcoholism also destroyed all of his previous relationships. Claiming to have had his first sexual experience at the tender age of 9, Holpin says he is now a reformed character — but he couldn’t resist harking back to the days when he was known for womanizing, and admits that his kids were often a draw for women.

“There’s nothing nicer than a single fellow with a baby. Sex? It’s sex is all it is. You could look like the back of a bus but sex is sex. You do doggy style if she’s ugly.”

But Holpin, who is 56, has left those days behind him and is currently engaged — with high hopes his fiance Diane will give him even more children, saying he is “as fertile as sin.” It is, after all, what God wants, Halpin claims.

“I’ll never stop having children. Never stop. In the Bible, God says go forth and multiply. I’m doing what God wants.”

But Luke, one of Holpin’s many sons, feels differently about the idea of his father having even more children, saying, “Enough is enough.”

But whether Holpin adds to his brood of 40 or not, the recovering alcoholic makes his sentiments clear: “I’ve got so much love in me for my kids, it’s spilling over,” he says. “I need them more than they need me to be honest. I can’t be without them. I can’t make up for what I’ve done. All I can do is be there for them now. I’ll keep fighting.”

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[Image via The Metro]