Zayn Malik & Perrie Edwards Wedding: Zayn’s Alleged Relatives Hint About Marriage?

Could a Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards wedding be in the works? Some of Zayn’s alleged relatives have been hinting about their upcoming wedding. J-14 noted that Zayn’s sister, Safaa Malik, hinted that Perrie is going to become a part of their family.

Malik’s alleged younger sister took to Instagram to share a collage of his Perrie hanging out with the women in his family. They reportedly went to see Cinderella and snapped countless selfies, according to the online teen magazine. The photo didn’t include any caption; however, it did include a few heart emojis. Some fans did comment on Malik’s photo, saying they believe that account is fake.

The source thinks that Perrie Edwards will quickly become a part of Zayn Malik’s family soon. The couple is still engaged and hasn’t let Zayn’s alleged cheating allegations halt their wedding or cause them to split. The Inquisitr previously reported that Zayn allegedly cheated with a Swedish model named Martina Olsson. She told The Sun that she kissed and slept with the former One Direction singer in Thailand.

Malik’s alleged cousin also tweeted about something “big” on Monday night. Celebrity gossip site Oh No They Didn’t! discovered that Daniaal Malik tweeted some cryptic messages about a big moment that’s going to happen.

Malik tweeted: “Get ready for something really big, it stars with m and ends with e. This will take you a while, but until then it will probably happen.”

She then added: “Yes it is about Zayn. This is fun.”

Malik kept teasing One Directioners about the supposed big news. She then tweeted: “It’s not 100% sure yet but that’s what my parents were talking about and told me and I decided to let you all know. MARK MY WORDS.”

Upon further inspection, Daniaal Malik’s Twitter profile looks pretty legit. Even Directioners were falling for her tweets. She also retweeted Zayn Malik’s tweet after the first round of cheating allegations from this year. Some fans believed that she was hinting about Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards’ rumored upcoming spring wedding. Others didn’t like that Zayn’s alleged cousin was playing with their feelings.

Oh No They Didn’t! somehow found out that Daniaal Malik’s Twitter account is actually fake. It’s unclear as to how it’s fake, but it just adds more speculation to the Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards wedding rumors. This isn’t the first time that the wedding rumors have following the couple. The Inquisitr previously reported that Malik wants to marry Edwards “as soon as they can.” The couple has also been spotted house hunting together in Hertfordshire.

It’s easy for anyone to claim that they’re related to a celebrity. What are your thoughts on Safaa and Daniaal Malik’s social media announcements? Do you think they’re really related to Zayn Malik?

[Image: Perrie Edwards via Instagram]