Fox’s Lou Dobbs says our kids are being indoctrinated by The Lorax and Arrietty movies [Video]

I know I shouldn’t admit it but one of my guilty yet not so pleasurable ways to say up to date with the current news cycle is to watch CNN and at one time I will weepingly confess to liking Lou Dobbs and like Arthur Brown before him was pissed when CNN sent him packing.

In the time since then I have come to my senses and realized that good ol’ Lou was a bit of a nutter with an agenda of his own so it was no surprise that he surfaced over at the Fox Network.

Now as nutty as he have been in the past I swear someone has taken him off his meds and then let him get in front of the camera because his latest diatribe of puke inducing nonsense is just insane.

He apparently thinks that our children are being with the sinful and disgusting Obama philosophy by two movies that have recently hit the theaters.

Yes folks our kid’s values and morals are being perverted by none other than Dr. Suess’ The Lorax and another animated movie called Arrietty.

I’ve embedded the video here for you to see for yourself but I must warn you that this is some of the stupidest and mind-numbing rhetoric to come out of any news station, and that is saying a lot for Fox.

Don’t blame me if you suddenly have the urge to either hit something or puke.