Masturbating In Public Leads To Arrest Of Man Ironically Named ‘Michael Dick’

In another example of truth often being stranger than fiction, a man named Michael Dick was arrested in Oregon Wednesday for allegedly masturbating in public. And the name of the place where Dick was taken into custody is called Tickle Creek, of all things.

According to the Mirror, Dick was found by police parading around completely nude in “broad daylight” after other Tickle Creek visitors had called in several reports of a naked man masturbating, who turned out to be Michael Dick.

Local news station KGW 8 Portland reports that Dick, from the Portland area town of Gresham, is a registered sex offender with a highly checkered history of indecent exposure and masturbating malfeasance. Police also believe Dick is the serial flasher they’ve been looking for following several recent eyebrow-raising incidents that involved a man getting out of his truck and to inexplicably start masturbating in front of surprised women.

Dick, whose full name is Michael Gordon Dick, 53, had been reportedly inspiring reports of indecent exposure and publicly masturbating throughout Tuesday and Wednesday in both the Tickle Creek and Kelso areas before finally being arrested, said Sgt. Nathan Thompson with the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office.

Reports of a serial flasher in the area, who was also often engaging in public masturbation, have been pouring in. Michael Dick matches the description of the naked masturbating suspect who is linked to at least 12 other indecent exposure reports since November, 2014.

According to the mostly female victims, the serial flasher suspect now believed to be Dick, would drive up to unsuspecting women who were either just walking down the street or doing some yard work, get out of his black pickup truck stark naked, and then start masturbating.

Before Dick was finally arrested, an anonymous woman told KGW 8 that she was working in her front yard stacking wood when the black truck pulled up and out stepped a man who is now believed to have been Dick.

“It’s disgusting,” the woman said at the time. “He’s either going to be shot or he’s going to be caught.”

In the end, Michael Dick was caught, with 11 other indecent exposure and masturbating incidents since November that unfolded in a nearly identical fashion. The majority of those indecent exposure and masturbating incidents involving Michael Dick took place in the inaccurately-named community of Boring and nearby Eagle Creek.

As seen in the police artist’s rendition of the suspect, police believe Dick was wearing a wig during the incidents.

Following Dick’s arrest, police searched his home in Gresham, Oregon, which turned up fruitful evidence that further implicates Dick as the serial flasher.

Police have charged Michael Dick with three counts of public indecency.

[Images via Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office]

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