Naked Florida Woman Stops Traffic, Pleasures Self, Jumps On Lexus, Gets Arrested

A naked Florida woman presumably raised some eyebrows of Orlando motorists and passersby Sunday night when she took to the streets not just naked, but also taking some time to masturbate and mount the hood of a car.

The naked Florida woman ran out into a residential street in the Fairview Shores area on the outskirts of Orlando, bringing traffic to a halt, before she reportedly began touching herself while standing in front of one couple’s car, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

The couple in the car, reportedly a Lexus, was apparently trapped and had no choice but to watch as the naked woman leaped onto the hood of their car and started a jumping, stomping, frenzy which also included hurling a cell phone at a car stopped behind the Lexus.

According to WKMG Local 6, the naked Florida woman’s hood-dancing antics on the Lexus resulted in approximately $1,500 worth of damage to the unsuspecting vehicle.

The naked Florida woman was later identified in police reports as Amie Carter, 31, a resident of Casselberry, Florida. Ms. Carter was later taken into custody by police and booked into the Orange County Jail for “criminal mischief” and “exposure of sexual organs.”

Police were alerted to a naked woman walking in traffic at the intersection of East Par Street and Formosa Avenue at approximately 11:15 Sunday night.

Arriving on the scene, police witnessed the naked woman parading around in the middle of Formosa Avenue, noting in their report that the naked suspect pretty much defined naked as she “wasn’t wearing any clothes.”

The police report also alleged that the naked Florida woman likely wasn’t in a clear mental state, likely because she had imbibed some serious drugs.

“Carter appeared to be under the influence (of) a heavy unknown substance,” said the police report. “She appeared in an altered mental state, displaying extremely irrational and volatile behavior.”

Volatile because when police asked the naked Amie Carter to get out of the street, she didn’t want to listen, forcing the officers to physically remove her from the street. But even then, naked or not, Amie Carter put up a fight “by pulling and kicking her legs in the air,” according to the police report.

In the end, however, despite her resistance, the naked woman was wrestled to the side of the road, handcuffed, and covered in a blanket.

Amie Carter isn’t the first naked Florida woman to be accused of masturbating in public or other sexual behavior deemed untoward.

Another naked Florida woman was arrested in September for masturbating on a motorcycle in front of a minor (and his mother), while a Florida man was just recently reported by his wife to police for having sex with their pet chihuahua.

[Image — Orange County Jail]