Aaron Hernandez: Fiancee Says She Got Rid Of Mysterious Box After Murder

Aaron Hernandez has been on trial for the 2013 murder of Odin Lloyd, and recently, the football star’s fiancee took the stand to testify that she removed a box from the home she shared with Hernandez one day after the murder took place.

Shayanna Jenkins says that in the midst of the chaos that had become her life directly after Odin’s body was found–shot to death just minutes from her home–Hernandez called and asked her to locate a box in their basement and get rid of it.

“He told me to go downstairs in our storage room and remove a box from our home. I believe he said it was important,” Jenkins testified.

Video taken from surveillance cameras at the home show Jenkins covering the box with baby clothes and a black garbage bag to conceal the contents, although she says she has no idea what those were because she never looked inside. Later, she borrowed a car from her sister Shaneah–who had been, coincidentally, Odin Lloyd’s girlfriend–and drove around, eventually throwing the box in a dumpster she chose at random. When asked why she chose to drive around so long at such a critical time, Jenkins says it was a case of nerves.

“There were a lot of things going on. I had to play a role as far as trying to comfort my sister. Everyone’s emotion was kind of on me. And I was nervous.”

Jenkins’ testimony will reportedly earn her immunity, although it differs from the story she gave a grand jury during the initial investigation; she was charged with perjury but has pleaded not guilty.

Officials believe that the mysterious box may have contained a murder weapon, but because Jenkins says she doesn’t remember where she dumped it, it’s now impossible to track down the evidence…or lack thereof. Her relationship with Hernandez has been brought into question recently after she was spotted in the courtroom without her diamond engagement ring; however, it’s been reported that she was seen telling Hernandez she loves him and joking around with him during court breaks. She said during her testimony on Monday that she recalls asking him point blank if he did it the morning he was taken in for questioning, and that he claimed innocence.

“I believe I asked him at that point if he did, did it, and he said no,” Jenkins said.

Photo courtesy Jared Wickerham/Getty Images