Cesarean ‘C-Section’ Birth Makes You ‘Less Of A Mother,’ Pastor Claims

So, Cesarean birth or “C-section” shaming is now a thing because of the Internet, and I’d like all of you to meet the pastor behind this movement.

His name — at least the one he’s putting out there into the world — is Patrick Embry and he heads the Disciples of the New Dawn church, which appears to endorse biblical teachings, though digging in to his Facebook posts, you won’t find much cohesion with Scripture.

Nevertheless, Embry has managed to pick up 1,348 likes, which is disturbing since it’s a public page, and you don’t have to like the page to comment.

Even so, if you click on posts like the one that says mothers who have a Cesarean section are not “real mothers,” and women who give birth naturally are “superior” to them, you’ll find most of the thousands and thousands of comments amassed are from people taunting and deriding the pastor.

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 11.54.21 AM

From the look of it, it appears attention is exactly what Embry wants in spite of the fact that he says he and his followers are “off the grid” and preparing for the End Times.

(Yeah I know, then why the Facebook?)

The obvious answer to that question is Embry and whoever else follows him could just as likely be atheists masquerading as Christians to troll the vast majority who don’t believe any of the stuff Disciples of the New Dawn puts out into the world.

Still, you can never be absolutely sure when you’ve got people like the Westboro Baptist Church in circulation.

Regardless of whether Patrick Embry and his church is “legit,” they sure do say a lot of “out there” things.


Take this meme on women’s rights as another example.

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 11.55.17 AM

With posts like these, it’s no wonder you’ll hear commenters say things like this.

“Fascist people claiming to follow Jesus Christ…. Let’s talk about a man’s duty. We wouldn’t have to do the things we do, or not do the things were ‘supposed’ to do if a man would get up off his lazy bum and be a man. Stop selling drugs, or taking the cheap road. Maybe then we could be stay at home mothers and wives.”

“Duties? Are we in the 1800’s again or something? Wow! Me and my husband both work, cook, clean, and take care of the kids. It’s called a marriage, a union of two people that become 1….. we do everything together.”

“Looks like Westboro’s got some competition…”

What do you think about this church’s verbal attacks on Cesarean birth women? Ban it or free speech?