April 3, 2017
Drunk Woman Passes Out, Stops Car In The Middle Of I-805 Freeway [Video]

There's a harrowing video circulating online that shows Amber Dlaine McKinney Morgan, 25, passed out cold at the wheel of her car, which is dangerously stopped in the center lane on the I-805 freeway in San Diego. Cars whiz by at high rates of speed up to 60 to 70 miles per hour as they pass McKinney's stopped car -- with only red tail lights to warn them to move over and not crash into the stationary vehicle.

Amber had been driving a black Chrysler Sebring, but apparently stopped it precariously in the third lane when a KGTV photojournalist named Paul Anderegg pulled over to the shoulder of the road in order to help the troubled woman, keeping his camera rolling the whole time as he dodged traffic to try and awaken her by pounding on the driver's side window. Anderegg called the police and kept trying to beat on her window, but McKinney wouldn't wake up. All of the doors he tried to open were locked.

When police arrived on the scene, it was Officer Sergio Flores' turn to try and awaken the woman and dodge speeding traffic at the same time, this time aided by a California Highway Patrol vehicle that also warned drivers up the freeway that danger was ahead by the cop car's illuminated lights. When Flores couldn't get Amber to awaken, he broke her car window with his flashlight and opened the door, yelling at her to wake up, reports WPTV. According to the publication, Amber is apparently an aspiring news journalist who has videos of herself sitting behind a news desk on YouTube. Unfortunately, the most readily found videos of McKinney on YouTube now show her passed out behind the wheel of her stopped car.

Eventually, the yelling and fresh air awakened McKinney, yet it was Flores who put Amber's car in the parked position and safely got her out of the car. The SDSU student, as reported by KUSI, could be seen in the video being taken away in handcuffs as she walked off the highway wearing a pair of blue jean shorts. A bottle of alcohol was also in plain view and captured in the video on the passenger's side floorboard. The sad and brazen actions of the driver -- which thankfully didn't end in tragedy -- are what's capturing the news reports about the incident.

After police freed Amber from her stopped car, as reported by the Daily Mail, she was arrested, booked and held on bail.

[Image via WPTV]