Chris Soules Bonds With Whitney Bischoff: How These Two Are Getting Through ‘DWTS’

Bachelor star Chris Soules is currently competing on Dancing with the Stars, and he went straight into dance practice after filming After the Final Rose. This means that Soules and his future wife, Whitney Bischoff, got no time together after going public with their relationship, so they are taking all the time they can to themselves.

Chris Soules has been in the media plenty of times since ending his Bachelor run, as he has been spending plenty of time with his dance partner Witney Carson. Many reports claim that Whitney is jealous of the time Chris is spending with his dance partner, despite encouraging fans to vote for him. But Whitney is now revealing that she and Soules are indeed spending lots of time together.

According to a new Instagram post, Bachelor star Chris Soules is doing everything possible to make sure that Whitney knows that she is still his top priority. Whenever Soules is not in the studio, he is hanging out with his future wife. And Bischoff loves the fact that she can support her future husband, while still getting private time with him. And this weekend was no different.

“Friday. Wine. Carbs. Friends. #TGIF,” Chris Soules’ future wife Whitney Bischoff revealed, while sharing a picture of the couple hanging out with some former Dancing with the Stars contestants.

Due to social media, Chris Soules and Whitney can keep their fans updated even though several reports are trying to convince readers otherwise. Within the past two weeks, there have been reports that Whitney is super jealous of Witney from Dancing with the Stars, rumors that the engagement and relationship is fake, rumors that Whitney is pregnant with Chris Soules’ child, and that they will split up once Dancing with the Stars come to an end.

But the pictures, tweets and messages that Chris Soules shares with his fans pretty much go against all of these reports. Chris and Whitney are bonding when they have some time, but they are also making new friends, as shown in the picture here. According to the Inquisitr, Chris Soules and Whitney recently shared a message, asking people to only send positive vibes and keep all negativity away from them.

It sounds like Soules and Bischoff are actually doing quite well despite several reports saying the opposite. The key to getting through Dancing with the Stars is to spend time together when he isn’t training.

What do you think about Chris Soules taking the time to bond with Whitney when he isn’t training for Dancing with the Stars?

[Image via Instagram]