April Fools Day Office Pranks That Will Amuse Your Co-Workers, Or Not

Planning to prank your co-workers on April Fools’ Day? There are a number of gags, practical jokes, and hoaxes you can pull on your boss, or the guy in the next cubicle, but don’t assume your office buddies won’t prank you back.

If your boss has big sense of humor, then by all means pull out all the stops and cover every inch of his or her office with newspaper, sticky notes, duct tape or packing peanuts. However, if your April Fools’ Day foolishness doesn’t go over well, you may be forced to give up your lunch hour and clean up the mess.

Not everyone has the time to pull off a massive office prank like some of the employees at this software company did in this video (below) from Cheeks Down, but there are several less time consuming (and cheaper) ways to pull off an April Fools’ Day gag at work on Wednesday. Before we get to that, take a look at the wall these ingenious employees built to block off the offices of their senior employees. It’s brilliant.

Here are some quick and easy April Fools’ Day office pranks that may or may not result in a little payback from your co-workers.

The Bro Bible has a long list of foolish pranks, that includes swapping the signs on the men’s and ladies’ bathrooms; change the language for Google a co-worker’s computer; and hide the desktop icons on your boss’s computer and replace the monitor’s wallpaper with a screen-shot of their desktop.

Here’s a classic prank that may be overused, but it’s worth a try — put an “Out of Order” sign on every bathroom in the office.

So we pranked our IT Director a few years ago. April Fools Day is coming up too… http://t.co/5A6c5IoRsR pic.twitter.com/omKx59cgJx

— fatwalletdeals (@fatwalletdeals) March 28, 2014

April Fool Zone suggests that you set your cell phone’s ringtone to an “embarrassing bodily function.” Turn the volume up all the way, hide the phone in your co-worker’s desk and call the phone from your desk phone. Don’t want to part with your phone? Try this prank from April Fool Zone:

“Wrap a small piece of wire and wrap it around the handset cord of your co-worker’s phone. Place it so both ends of the cord are attached together. Then wait until they receive a phone call — watch while they lift the handset and they pick up the entire phone along with it.”

Need more ideas? A simple search of “office pranks” on Pinterest or YouTube will provide you with ideas for this April Fools’ Day, and many to follow. Keep in mind, your co-workers may be looking for practical jokes to pull on you, as well, so be prepared when you walk into work on Wednesday.

[Image: Pinterest]