March 30, 2015
Butt Implants Gone Wrong, Woman Dies On Table

At the hands of the same doctor Kim Kardashian had threatened to sue, Evita Sarmonikas sealed her fate after climbing onto the operating table. It could have been a case of butt implants going terribly wrong.

Evita, "Eva" to friends, was in the Americas visiting from Australia. In Mexicali, Mexico, Sarmonikas was specifically there for her butt implant surgery. The claim was verified by two of the woman's cousins, via Gold Coast Bulletin, a news medium from the Gold Coast.

Well, unfortunately — during the butt implant procedure, Evita went into cardiac arrest at Hospital Quirurgico del Valle. There's no toxicology report to render if the cause was due to any agents used during the process.

However, there is information on Evita's surgeon. His name is Victor Ramirez and he has a slight track record with not exactly holding the truth as depicted.

In 2012, celebrity Kim Kardashian made litigation threats to this man because he was attempting to mislead clients — like Sarmonikas — by illegally using Kim's billboard poster as his own work during commercial advertisements.

Nonetheless, regardless if Sarmonikas knew of the butt implant dangers, she felt assured to make the trip and was excited. According to the Gold Coast Bulletin, she had even told many family members. Evita's cousin made the following statement.

"I knew she [Sarmonikas] was going on holiday and she said she was looking forward to the dream holiday of her life but I didn't know she was having an operation. She was the best human being I have ever met and she was really so pure and innocent, so it's just not fair that this has happened to her. We need an autopsy to be done here in Australia, not over there and we cannot accept her coming back as ashes because we need to find out the truth about what happened. Eva didn't deserve this."
Evita, 29 and a graduate of Coombabah State High School, Australia, will be missed by her family and friends. Sarmonikas' loved ones have set up a account in order to get her body back to the local area. It's called "Bring Evita Home" and has accumulated $30,005 to date.

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[Photo Credits: Twitter]