Apple Rumors: iPad Air 3 And iPad Mini 4

Rumors continue to swirl surrounding the release of two Apple devices, the iPad Air 3 and iPad Mini 4. Is the digital giant positioning itself to reclaim its place as the top producer of tech devices?

Let us begin with the iPad Air 3.

It is one of the most year’s most anticipated tablets and it will be released in October, according to the Latino Post. The Inquisitr’s Chanel Adams wrote an article confirming many of the specifications and design of the latest variation of the Apple tablet.

Every rumored detail about the iPad Air 3, from the thinner design (the iPad Air 3 is supposed to be the thinnest tablet) to its new processor, iOS9, is tantalizing. How it stands up to the Microsoft Surface remains to be seen, but everything that Apple seems to have in store for this device makes for an interesting debate.

Although the amount of RAM has not been confirmed, there are whispers about the possibility of 4GB of RAM provided by Apple.

The iPad Air 3 will come out in October.

What about the iPad Mini 4?

There is speculation that the iPad Mini 4 might be released around the same time as the iPad Air 3. Macworld believes that an October release date is likely for the newest generation of the mini-sized tablet.

Their basis for this is due to the fact that October is the month in which each version of the iPad Mini has become available for purchase.

Apple may look to challenge the Microsoft’s next version of the Surface Pro with the iPad Mini 4.

The iPad Mini 4 will be an upgrade over its predecessor. The AX8 processor is rumored to be installed. The screen will be 7.9 inches and it will have a RAM capacity of 2GB. Apple’s iPad Mini 4 will also be thinner, similar to the iPad Air models. There are other plans for the tablet, which will be released at a later date.

There are a few questions that remain for Apple, including the one conflicting report about their actual release date for the iPad Mini 4. Fans of the Apple tablet will have to wait it out as more information is leaked to the public.

Apple seems to have all of their ducks in a row in order to have a successful run in 2015. An updated version of the iPhone 6 is also rumored to be revealed, according to Macworld.

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