Louie Gohmert Believes Russia Will Help The U.S. Bomb Iran

As the United States, along with five other world leaders, haggle with Iran on its nuclear program, Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert believes that the Obama administration should start considering bombing Iran regardless of how Russia feels.

Gohmert, a much-rumored presidential candidate for the next election, stated that President Obama made a mistake lifting sanctions off Iran before the current negotiations.

“We should never have pulled the sanctions. They were coming forward with more information but until they gave us complete access their facilities we should have never pulled the sanctions.”

Despite Louie Gohmert’s usual mad utterance, the Obama administration has not lifted a single sanction against Iran.
The Obama administration, along with other world leaders, such as the United Kingdom, have strongly opposed the idea of any new sanctions unless a deal is not reached by June.

While the U.S.-led sanctions have crippled Iran’s economy, Gohmert is not convinced that the current sanctions, which he signed in 2009, imposed on Iran are strong enough to stop them from going forward with a non-peaceful nuclear program.

Instead, Gohmert asserts that the U.S. government should carry out military action against Iran regardless of international law or the geopolitical climate.

“I don’t think Russia is in a position to do anything, they’re bogged down too many places.”

While Fox News host Arthel Neville questions the logic of his proposed scheme, Louie Gohmert doubled down on his initial statement, adding that Russia would gladly join the U.S. in bombing one of their closest allies in the Middle East because they’re “concerned about radical Islamist terror much more so than administration is.”

Recently, Russia and Iran signed a $800 million defense deal that should strengthen military ties between the two nations. The deal is described by the Iranian defense minister as an effort from both Iran and Russia “to confront the expansionist intervention and greed of the United States through cooperation, synergy and activating strategic potential capacities.”

Russia, currently hoggish about their own involvement in Crimea and Europe, will most likely not abandon its Eurasian dream by bombing a critical trading partner in order to facilitate a stronger U.S. stronghold in the region.

However, what’s $800 million to Russia nowadays when you can help strengthen your main rival in the region?

“They’re not crazy over there in Russia.”

Yes, Louie, the Russians may not be crazy, but I’m not so sure about you.

[Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images]