U2 Tour 2015 Is One Of Fuse TV’s Must-See Tours – Will There Be An Opening Act?

U2’s Innocence and Experience Tour is set to kick off May 14 and runs through July 31. Anticipation among fans is quickly mounting as this is the first time in a decade the band has played indoor arenas. U2’s album, Songs of Innocence, was gifted by Apple to iTunes customers, some of whom didn’t appreciate the gift. The album has now been streamed 81 million times and downloaded by 30 million fans, according to U2’s website and was Rolling Stone’s Album of the Year.

Nevertheless, U2’s upcoming 2015 tour has made it to Fuse TV’s list of 14 Must-See Tours of 2015. Coming in at ninth place, U2’s tour is one you shouldn’t miss this year, according to Zach Dionne.

“U2’s decision to drop Songs of Innocence, their 13th studio album, into everyone’s iTunes last September stirred up every hater in existence. So what better place for the true U2 fans to finally celebrate the record — and to re-celebrate the band’s storied career and stellar body of work — than in a giant arena, together, as a hater-free family?”

Who made first place? Marilyn Manson with his the Hell Not Hallelujah Tour. A few of the other groups listed by Fuse TV include Passion Pit, Lana Del Rey, Ed Sheeran, and All Time Low.

According to U2’s official website, Bono has teased what fans can look forward to seeing during the 2015 tour.

“We are going to try to have a completely different feeling from night one to night two, and have some fun playing with the idea of innocence and experience. More to be revealed!”

Arthur Fogel, the President of Global Touring and Chairman of Global Music, is quoted as saying, “The anticipation for a U2 tour is always extraordinary, as it should be. Following the record-setting 360° Tour I’m amazed that they still want to be groundbreaking, this time on a more intimate scale.”

At this time, no opening acts have been announced for the 2015 tour, which has caused fans to speculate whether anyone will open the shows, or if U2 will play a longer set. Fans have been discussing both possibilities on the U2 forum. The alt-rock group, Airborne Toxic Event, is one of the bands mentioned that fans think could be a possibility touring with U2. Some fans listed bands they’d like to see tour with U2. Other fans are hoping U2 will tour solo.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, twenty-four dates of U2’s 2015 tour are already sold out, and you can find the schedule, including which shows still have tickets available, right here at the Inquisitr.

[Photo by Matthias Nareyek/Getty Images]