Fruitport Police Officers Buy Car Seat For Struggling Family Following Traffic Stop, Random Act Of Kindness Goes Viral

Meaghan Ellis

Two Fruitport police officers are making headlines for their recent random act of kindness. According to M-Live, officers Jason Pavlige and James Hodges conducted a recent traffic stop after receiving a call about a woman in a vehicle holding a child that wasn't properly restrained in a car seat. When the two officers located the vehicle, they confirmed the child was not restrained. The mother was holding her baby in her arms because she did not own a car seat.

After questioning the couple, the officers determined that financial hardships prohibited them from purchasing their child a car seat. So, instead of simply writing a citation, the officers decided to take a different approach. They reportedly put their own money together and purchased a car seat for the struggling family.

Although they didn't make the purchase for any form of recognition, a Walmart clerk felt their random act of kindness definitely needed to be made public. So, she reportedly informed Public Safety Director Ken Doctor. Once Doctor was made aware of the act, he released a statement commending the two officers for their noble act.

"Through roadside questioning, it was determined that the family did not have a car seat for the infant and did not have money to purchase one," Doctor said in a written statement. "Several viable options were discussed regarding obtaining a car seat. This certainly goes above and beyond what is expected of you in serving our community. It reflects the care and compassion of the officers serving Fruitport Township. Sincere thanks for representing our department so well and providing, great service to the community. Keep up the good work."

Now, the act of kindness has gone viral. After the kind gesture caught the attention of a local news outlet, it began circulating online. During the recent interview with WZZM-13, they both recounted the traffic stop and why they chose to make the purchase for the struggling family. Both officers also agreed that the act of kindness is actually a part of their job description. They're employed to help out in the community and that's exactly what they're doing.

"Whatever we do, we try to help everybody the best way possible for every occasion," explained Hodges. "This is why you become a police officer or firefighter or paramedic," added Pavlige."You are here to help people; whether it's buying them a car seat or just by talking to them, we are here to help."

[Image(s) via Fruitport Township Police Department]