Norman Reedus Talks Prep For Daryl Dixon’s Death, ‘The Walking Dead’ Season Finale [Video]

Norman Reedus talked about preparing for Daryl Dixon’s death during a recent interview, so will a certain faction of Walking Dead fans find themselves rioting in the streets after the season finale airs?

Daryl Dixon fans probably shouldn’t grab those pitchforks just yet, because Norman Reedus was only chatting about his character’s hypothetical death. He answered a few fan questions during an appearance on Good Morning America, and one Walking Dead viewer want to know whether AMC has taken any special measures to prepare for the fans that will riot if Daryl dies. It took Reedus a few seconds to come up with his answer to the question: “There’s a lot of security around our show.” Perhaps he and AMC aren’t prepared for Daryl Dixon’s death because it’s not going to happen in the near future.

Norman Reedus promised that The Walking Dead Season 5 finale will be full of “twists and turns,” and he said that a lot will happen during its expansion to 90 minutes. He wouldn’t offer any huge spoilers, but at least fans know that Daryl won’t cut his greasy hair.

“It’s the zombie apocalypse. The more people tell me I should cut my hair, the more I want to grow it down to my butt.”

Norman didn’t reveal whether Carol will finally convince her pal to shower, but he did say that Daryl Dixon’s decision to do things his own way is what makes fans of The Walking Dead love the character so much.

“I think he’s honest. I think you see a guy that wouldn’t have hung out with these people in the first place. He met them originally for bad intent, and you see him sort of become his own man — a guy that’s worth trusting and a guy that fights for what he believes in.”

In the video below, Norman Reedus also talks about Daryl Dixon’s lack of a love life and the actions he would take in the event of a real zombie apocalypse (his answers involve awkwardness and cats).

Reedus also talked to Access Hollywood about his upcoming appearance alongside Melissa McBride on Talking Dead. It will be the first time that the pair has done the talk show together, and their presence is probably making a few fans nervous — it’s common for actors to appear on the show after their characters have been killed. However, some Caryl shippers will be happy to see the objects of their obsession together, and Reedus hopes that he and Melissa will break the internet because he “loves breaking things.”

During his Access Hollywood interview, Norman Reedus said some very nice things about Melissa McBride that might make Caryl shippers swoon.

“Yeah, I mean, Melissa’s my girl. She’s a good friend of mine and a great actress. I respect her, she’s my buddy.”

However, one of Norman’s favorite Season 5 scenes involves Daryl Dixon’s new BFF, Aaron (Ross Marquand). The actor was moved when Aaron finally offered Daryl his very important Alexandria job.

“I have to say, the scene with he and I in the garage when he tells me he wants me to start going on missions and stuff, that was one of my favorite scenes I’ve ever done on the show…. He’s such a good actor and he’s so nice to work with, and such a cool guy, but the scene in the garage, like when I tell him, ‘I got nothing else to do’ — that was one of my favorite scenes ever, I’ve done on the show, I have to say.”

If you can’t wait to find out whether Daryl Dixon, Carol Peletier, and Aaron survive the season finale, the Inquisitr previously shared some major spoilers about who will die and who will survive. If you’re not a fan of spoilers, you’ll have to wait to find out Norman Reedus’ fate when The Walking Dead airs tonight at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

[Photo credit: Gene Page/AMC]