Australian Tourist Mauled By Lion While On Vacation, Shared Pictures On Facebook [Graphic Images]

Brendan Smith from Perth, Western Australia was on vacation in Johannesburg, South Africa when he was mauled by an angry lion. The incident took place after a lion jumped through his open car window and began to chew on Smith’s legs. He was luckily able to fend of the lion and proceed to the hospital for treatment. Smith planned to experience the thrill of swimming with sharks and other African wonders, however the lion had other plans for Smith. The mauling occurred within the first 3 hours of his holiday, ensuring the vacation would be memorable for the rest of his life.

Metro U.K. shared images from Brendan Smith’s Facebook page, revealing a pair of lionesses, one of which was the attacker that mauled his legs.

The attack happened as Brendan Smith was driving in Johannesburg with his car window open. A curious lion approached and jumped into the car where it began to bite at Smith’s legs as it mauled him. Smith was able to escape the attack and make his way to the hospital for further treatment.

Smith posted graphic images of his mauling on Facebook, with comical comments alongside them.

“I wish I was lion but can now say I have life access to the people who have been mauled by a lion group,”

“Pretty full on but am alive, with insurance coming to the party and an influx of curious Africans wanting to see ‘the lion man.’”

Western Australia Today shared photos of the leg wounds (pictured above) to show the extent of damages caused by the lion attack. Smith hoped to spend some time swimming with the sharks and experience other African wonders, but those plans were cut short after the mauling.

Brendan Smith looks back on the attack as a memory that will last a lifetime and does not fault the lion for doing what it is naturally bred to do. Instead, he is thankful to be alive and able to share the experience with the world. Besides, it is a great story to use when flirting the the ladies, he shared.

“Could have and should have been a lot worse but chicks dig scars so I’ll be sweet!”

Despite the photo evidence, there are some that are skeptical of the attack. There are no details regarding how he escaped the mauling and some believe the story is fabricated to hide the true nature of the wounds. Regardless, the wounds are real and the story has intrigued the internet.

[Photo Courtesy: Metro U.K.]