Emma Watson On Being The 'Most Outstanding Woman In The World'

Emma Watson has been selected as the world's most outstanding woman by AskMen. Out of a list of 99 accomplished women, AskMen indicated that their reason for selecting Watson as their No. 1 was due to "her work on the United Nations' HeforShe campaign" and commented that her efforts and role in the campaign was a "noble pursuit."

Time Magazine relays information about AskMen and its basis for the list noting that "[t]he men's website says their list celebrates women who are both beautiful and remarkable within their industries." It is certainly refreshing to find a men's publication that credits women for their accomplishments and character.

The publisher of the men's website James Bassil commented and shared his own view about the Harry Potter actress, stating that Watson is "rich, successful, famous, stylish, beautiful, intelligent, personable, kind" and has made known her stance on the issue of feminism.

As Express UK relays, the list is a celebration of "beautiful, talented, glamorous and just plain kicka$# women who are defining the world we live in," and the website described the 24-year-old as "the face of feminism right now." Bassil went on to focus on the most remarkable aspect of Watson's achievements.

"[R]ather than be content with a life of luxury, she's thrown her back into a serious social issue in an effort to shift the way our society treats women."
Emma, who is not only a notable actress most well-known for her supporting role in the Harry Potter series, has been one busy woman these days, not only focusing on her showbiz career, but also acting as a UN ambassador. This past week, Watson finally revealed that she is prepared to go for the lead roles in films. She recently spoke with Total Film on the topic.
"It feels like I was building a portfolio over the last five, six years. Now I feel like I'm ready to really be carrying films. I'm really just ready now to focus on my career full time and go full steam ahead. It's exciting at the moment."
One starring role the British beauty is certain to play is that of Beauty in a live-action version of the fairy tale classic, Beauty and the Beast. Watson shared this news earlier this year via her Facebook page and is quite obviously elated to be taking on the lead in the production, as she wrote, ""My six year-old self is on the ceiling - heart bursting. Time to start some singing lessons. I can't wait for you to see it. Emma x."

Emma Watson's versatility and drive along with her interest and action in the world of gender equality certainly have earned her that top spot and it's clear that AskMen made the best possible choice for their No. 1.

[Feature image via NY Daily]