6-Year-Old Girl Bundled Into Trunk Of Car In Broad Daylight

A 6-year-old girl who was playing in the street on her bike was reportedly bundled into the trunk of a car by a man who assaulted her in broad daylight.

The shocking incident took place last week in Accrington, Lancashire. Lancashire police have arrested a man in connection with the abduction and have him in custody.

On the day of the abduction, the man took the child to a remote location, abused her sexually, then dropped her off three miles away in a back alley.

The mother of the child told reporters that she hoped the man who abused her daughter would be “caught and castrated.”

On the verge of tears, the 40-year-old mom said, “He told her there was a ball under the car so she looked under for it. Then he grabbed her and put her in the trunk. He then tried to put her in a wheelie bin and then just left her on the back street.

The mother added, on the day when the girl’s brother had been outside playing with her, “I told him to go and get his sister because they are meant to stay together and their pizza was ready for tea. He went to go and get her but she wasn’t there. It was just her bike in the middle of the road. In a matter of 10 minutes, she had disappeared.”

Obviously, the child has been left traumatized by the incident, as her mother explained, “She is scared because the man said he was going to fetch her home so she told him where she lived. She thinks he will come back for her. I think he had been targeting the area because a few of the kids said they had seen a black car. He was waiting for his opportunity, he saw it, and he took it.”

It remains to be seen what action the police will take against the suspect in a case which has shocked a whole community to its core.

[Image credit: Wikimedia]