Seattle Woman Parks Car In Cycling Lane, Gets Confronted By Cyclist [Video]

A few weeks after the Inquistr reported about an incident where a teenage cyclist was hit by a car and the owners of the car simply drove off, a video showing a roadside confrontation between a cyclist and a female car-owner in Seattle is fast going viral. According to GeekWire, what is special about this video is that there seems to be as many supporters for the woman as there are for the cyclist — at least in the comments section.

According to KIRO TV, the video was first posted by Q13Fox and shows the footage from a helmet mounted camera of the cyclist. In the video, a woman is seen exiting a building and making her way to her car, which is parked right outside the building on a bicycle lane.

As the cyclist approaches the woman, he shouts out, “Hey, Ma’am? Is this your car? You know, this isn’t a parking lane, right?”

The man got a quick reply from the woman, who said, “I literally just ran in, so you can keep going. I literally don’t give a f**k about anything you say to me.”

As the argument escalates, another woman on the sidewalk comes in support of the woman and says that cyclists like him are the reason car owners do not like bikes. Apparently, the woman who came in support of the lady had also parked her car, but in the parking lane. In the meantime, the owner of the illegally parked car tells the cyclist that he needs therapy.

People who have defended the woman say that more than the woman, the redesigned bicycle lanes in Seattle are to be blamed for this confrontation. Unlike in other cities, where the parking lane is usually the lane nearest to the sidewalk, the Seattle Department of Transportation has for some reason chosen to assign that spot for cyclists. The parking lane is right next to it, nearer to the center of the road.

However, the cyclist faction argues that there was a board right in front of the car which clearly mentioned which lane is for parking and which is for cyclists. They add that the woman is liable for a $200 fine for parking her car in a bicycle lane.

Watch the video we have embedded above and let us know who you think is in the right here. Do you support the woman or the cyclist who, according to some people, acted too authoritative and sounded like a cop?

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