Calvin Harris Said Taylor Swift Wasn’t His ‘Type,’ As Her Fans Feud Over The Dating Rumors

Calvin Harris admitted that Taylor Swift wasn’t his “type” a few months ago. The DJ and producer stopped by the Capital FM studios to sit down for an exclusive interview. Calvin was asked what he would do if he were to find the “Blank Space” singer on the popular dating app Tinder.

He said that he would swipe left on Swift, according to Perez Hilton. Maybe he recently had a change of heart?

Check out the interview for yourself below.

Rumors have been swirling that Swift and Harris are dating. The two were spotted on a shopping trip at Whole Foods on Wednesday night. That’s when a Calvin Harris fan shared a photo of the rumored couple on a Brazilian Twitter account. The two were spotted holding hands and walking along the streets of Nashville. Swift and Harris were also wearing matching outfits, which is a little odd.

That’s not the only time that Calvin and Taylor were spotted. The Inquisitr also previously reported that the two were recently spotted at a Kenny Chesney concert. Calvin reportedly had his arms wrapped around Taylor’s waist during the concert. Mashable reported that the couple even danced and held hands.


Some fans were surprised to see the two together. Some of Calvin’s fans didn’t even realize that he was into country music! Maybe he likes Taylor Swift so much that he’s willing to do anything with her.


Meanwhile, fans are feuding over the dating rumors. Some have taking to various social networking sites to explain their outrage over the news. Swifties have even been arguing about the rumors on Google Plus. Some believe that even though Harris and Swift were seen holding hands doesn’t mean that they’re in a relationship. Meanwhile, other fans believe that the media should stop speculating over their alleged relationship.

The feuding doesn’t stop there. The Swifties have also been going off on each other on Tumblr. Some believe that fans shouldn’t share or reblog the photos of Calvin and Taylor. They believe that everyone should respect Taylor’s privacy at this time. There are also some Swifties who also don’t believe that Calvin and Taylor are dating, and are just friends.

A fan on Tumblr doesn't approve of the Taylor Swift dating rumors.

However, an EDM blog stated that Calvin isn’t dating Taylor. The two are simply working on some music together. The blog said that Taylor and Calvin “have a mutual respect for each other’s work, and spent most of the evening talking about music.” It doesn’t look like that, just by looking at the photos.

Fan Sarah Meneely summed it up best on Twitter: “I completely support this @taylorswift13 and @CalvinHarris situation that’s happening here. #blankspacefilled.” Maybe both Harris and Swift fans should just calm down and enjoy what’s happening here.

What are your thoughts on rumors that Calvin Harris is dating Taylor Swift? Do you think he’s had a change of heart? Do you think they’re really dating?

[Images: Ian Gavan/Getty Images]