Professional Motorsport Racer Leona Chin Pranks Unsuspecting Driving Instructors [Video]

A professional motorsport racer from Malaysia, Leona Chin, played a prank on four unsuspecting driving instructors. To prepare for the prank, Leona had a makeover to make her appear a little "clueless". With a Spongebob Squarepants shirt and pigtails, Leona played the part of a slightly nervous new driver. However, at the end of her disastrous driving lesson, she puts the pedal to the metal and shows the instructors her skills.

The viral video was uploaded by MaxMan TV and has been viewed over 6.1 million times since it was uploaded three days ago. MaxMan notes that a driving school approached them about the prank as they had four new instructors starting that day.

"A driving school approached us and thought it would be funny to prank their new instructors on the first day at the job."
In the video, you can watch as "clueless" Chin takes her place in the driver's seat. After a series of horrendous gear shifts, bad turns, stalls and exceptionally poor driving skills, the instructors seem to all agree that Chin needs more lessons. However, the girl begs for one more chance and immediately peels out and shows them some of her drifting skills.

The female instructor can be heard shrieking in terror while she clinches onto her seat belt. One male instructor seems to be clutching his chest as if he is about to have a heart attack. A third instructor becomes a bit irate and screams a few expletives. The angry instructor screams, "stop the f***ing car" to no avail. He also informs Chin that she almost "hit the people." Chin seems unconcerned and continues showing off her extreme driving skills.

Once the ride is over, all the instructors look shell-shocked. However, the expletive-screaming instructor seems to have had enough and exclaims, "You almost killed me!" while exiting the vehicle in fury. The other three instructors seemed to be good sports about the whole ordeal and stopped to pose for photos with Leona Chin after the extreme driving lesson.

These aren't the first passengers to take an unsuspecting ride with a professional racer. In fact, professional NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon pranked an unsuspecting car salesman for a Pepsi ad.