Shayanna Jenkins Testifies Aaron Hernandez Was Drunk Night Of Murder, Kept Gun In Kitchen Drawer

Shayanna Jenkins testifies

Shayanna Jenkins testified in the murder trial of her fiancee, former New England Patriots star tight end Aaron Hernandez, on Friday, revealing that both she and Hernandez were intoxicated on the night that Odin Lloyd — the 27-year-old man Hernandez is charged with killing — was murdered.

Lloyd was dating Jenkins’ sister at the time, but despite the quasi-familial relationship, Jenkins testified that the NFL star and her sister’s boyfriend had no more than a “cordial” relationship. Jenkins also said that she and her sister were “estranged, kind of.”

Jenkins, 25, reportedly received immunity from prosecution in February. She had earlier been suspected of removing the gun used to kill Lloyd from the Massachusetts home that she and Hernandez shared with the couple’s baby daughter. But by accepting immunity, she was required to testify because the right against self-incrimination would have been waived.

Jenkins, who has already pleaded not guilty to a charge that she lied to a grand jury investigating Hernandez in the murder of Lloyd, said under oath that she found a handgun stored in a kitchen “junk drawer” in their home, and that she disapproved of Hernandez — with whom she has been in a romantic relationship since the pair were in high school — keeping the gun there.

Lloyd was shot to death gangland execution-style in an industrial park within a mile of where Hernandez and Jenkins lived on June 17, 2013. Hernandez has pleaded not guilty to charges that he killed Lloyd.

Herandez’s defense team has argued that the one-time Patriots star was a heavy marijuana user and that Lloyd was his pot dealer — therefore Hernandez would have no reason to rub out his own supplier of marijuana.

Jenkins appeared to back up the assertion that Hernandez was dependent on marijuana, testifying that he smoked pot every day. She also testified that the couple were celebrating Father’s Day that night by getting drunk on vodka and cognac.

Instead, prosecutors allege, Hernandez left the house later, picked up Lloyd and two other men, and went to the nearby industrial park where Hernandez and the other men cold-bloodedly executed the defenseless Lloyd.

As Shayanna Jenkins left the courtroom, she reportedly whispered, “I love you,” to Hernandez who was seated as always at the defense table.

Also in the trial on Friday, Judge Susan Garsh called in nine of the jurors and appeared to question them, though the line of questioning was not revealed. Garsh later told the courtroom that one male juror was dismissed “for personal reasons.”

As Shayanna Jenkins testified, her sister, Shaneah, sat in the courtroom next to the mother of her slain boyfriend.

[Image: Shayanna Jenkins Facebook via Sports World Report]