‘Street Fighter 5’ Characters, Release Date Leaked? Who Made The Roster, And Who Didn’t?

'Street Fighter 5' characters, release date revealed, not confirmed

The list of Street Fighter 5 characters rumored has risen to a hearty 14, according to a recent leak. Alongside this new roster, which comes close to rivaling its predecessor, comes the Street Fighter 5 release date.

Don’t mark your calendars just yet, though, because Capcom has stated that the release date of March 31, 2016, is only tentative. This might be good news, too.

The lack of a solid release date sometimes means that they’ll release the game when it’s finished, and not rush it out to meet a certain date. Other major games have suffered from this rush, such as Saints Row 4, Assassin’s Creed: Unity, and Battlefield 4, so SF5 might actually be finished when it hits the shelves.

The list of Street Fighter 5 characters, revealed on Hadoken, appears to bring back some fan favorites, but some seem to have hit the cutting room floor. The list is below, and keep in mind that aside from the first few, they are all unconfirmed rumors.

  • Ryu – The Shotokan Karate champion who has headlined nearly every game in the series is back.
  • Chun Li – The Whirlwind-kicking lady with the hair buns is also back.
  • Nash – As previously reported by the Inquisitr, this SF Alpha character has returned, though now Charlie Nash may be under some kind of mind control.
  • Alex – The ragged looking shirtless military veteran with the red headband and the scar over his eye may be returning.
  • Urien – Like his brother Gill from SF3, he was born into politics, and then trained and experimented on until he became what we see now.
  • Dudley – This gentleman boxer adds class to the arena as he seeks to counter the image of Balrog.
  • Elena – This Capoeira fighter also hails from SF3, adding a potentially unusual female character to the Street Fighter 5 characters list.
  • M. Bison (dictator) – A mainstay since SF2, this Thai dictator has been a major problem for everybody in his dealings with Shadaloo.
  • Hugo – The giant from Final Fight (and later Ultra Street Fighter 4) is yet another possible returning character.
  • Poison – She is another possible Final Fight addition to the list of Street Fighter 5 characters.
  • Abel – He first appeared in SF4 as a man who doesn’t remember his past.
  • C. Viper – She is one of M. Bison’s personal servants and a deadly assassin who uses a lot of high-tech weaponry.
  • Kuan (New character)
  • Sherry (New character)
  • Akuma (Day 1 DLC character) – This fan favorite started out as a hidden boss in Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, and has been Ryu’s bane ever since.

It is unknown what happened to most of the major characters like Guile and Ken, who have always been part of the series, but again, this list is unconfirmed, just like the Street Fighter 5 release date.

Capcom is planning on a highly ambitious open beta test ahead of time though, so keep an eye out for that announcement.

What do you think of this unconfirmed list of Street Fighter 5 characters? Who do you think should be added to the roster?

[Image via PlayStation Blog / Polygon]