George Takei Wants Everyone To Boycott The State Of Indiana

George Takei is a known activist, especially when it comes to equal rights for gay, lesbian, and transgender people. It should come as no surprise that Takei is taking a stand against the “Religious Freedom” bill signed by Indiana’s Governor Pence.

The bill in question essentially allows businesses to discriminate against LGBT employees and patrons due to the proprietor’s religious beliefs. Formally known as SB 101, the new law was being pegged as the “Anti-Gay Bill.”

Before the bill was signed, George Takei took to social media, specifically his Facebook page, expressing his dislike for the proposed bill.

“To the governor and to the legislators in Indiana who support this backward-looking and divisive bill, I say to you this: If it goes into effect, Indiana will be marked as a state where certain people are not welcome, and so we will not visit. We will not spend. And we will not attend events, including GenCon, the world’s largest gaming convention, held in Indianapolis each year.”

Don’t worry, George, owners of GenCon, a $50 million dollar convention, has threatened to move states if the bill passed. The CEO of GenCon, Adrian Swartout, sent a letter to Governor Pence, stating that the passing of the bill “will factor into our decision-making on hosting the convention in the state of Indiana in future years.”

GenCon brought 56,000 people to the Indianapolis Convention Center last year.

Unfortunately for the LGBT community, Governor Pence signed SB 101 into law on Thursday. These actions prompted George Takei to take to social media once again.

Takei is asking everyone to boycott the state of Indiana. He urges GenCon to follow through with their threats. He wants people to think twice and refuse to visit businesses of Indiana. It turns out that you can, indeed, rally to boycott a state.

On his Facebook, George posted a heated response to the signing of the Anti-Gay Bill.

“I am outraged that Gov. Pence would sign such a divisive measure into law. He has made it clear that LGBT couples, like Brad and me, are now unwelcome in his state. The notion that this bill was not driven by animus against our community is belied by the record and frankly insulting. I will join many in demanding that socially responsible companies withdraw their business, conferences and support from his state and that LGBTs and our friends and supporters refuse to visit or do business with Indiana. It is a sad day for the Hoosier state, and indeed for the many good people of Indiana, for whom this law now stands as a terrible blight upon that state’s reputation.”

Do you think boycotting a state is a bit extreme? Will you join George Takei’s boycott of Indiana?

[Photo Courtesy of Bryan Bedder/Getty Images]