‘Revenge’ Season 4 Episode 18 Preview: Will Emily Thorne Tell The World She’s Amanda Clarke?

Revenge season 4 continues this weekend with episode 18, “Clarity,” and based on the previews, this could be quite a big episode for the series. Is Emily Thorne about to tell the world she’s Amanda Clarke?

As the Inquisitr had previously speculated, getting hit by the car did cause Margaux to lose her baby in the last Revenge episode, “Loss.” Emily was right there when it happened, trying to get Margaux to agree to a truce – and she even offered up her birth certificate to prove she meant what she was saying, though she took it back after the accident – but Margaux is now more determined than ever to destroy Emily. In fact, she even told Victoria in her hospital room that yes, Emily was trying to make peace, but then she pushed her in front of the car.

Now, in this next episode, a grief-stricken Emily tries to repair her collateral damage, and Victoria pursues a fresh lead with renewed vigor. As the promotional photos posted by TV Fanatic reveal, the Daniel Grayson Research Wing is going to be a reality (Margaux had been the dissenting vote Victoria needed to change in the last episode), Emily and Jack are going to share a moment and Margaux shares scenes with guest star Courtney Love.

The promo for “Clarity” pretty much comes right out and says that Emily is going to tell the world the truth.

“Sunday, the world will know the real Amanda Clarke,” the video teases.

“There’s one secret that I kept,” Emily says on the podium. “Tonight it stops.”

How is everyone going to react? This Revenge season 4 episode 18 promo seems to tease just that with some reaction shots, but it’s impossible to know what they’re reacting to until the episode airs.

E! News has posted a sneak peek from this Revenge episode showing how Ben reacts upon finding out that Emily has had a “pretty intense conversation” with Jack about trying to clear Daniel’s name – without consulting him first.

“You know, a little heads up that the girl I’m dating was going to retract a statement she made in a case that I closed would’ve been nice, seeing as it could affect my job,” Ben argues.

“Don’t make this about something that it’s not,” Emily protests when he wonders if she would’ve told him after figuring things out with Jack.

When Ben then calls her out on doing this because of what happened to Margaux, she explains that this is something that she can undo.

“This is about everything. People have gotten hurt and died because of all of this. So much has happened that can’t be undone.”

However, it does mean telling another lie, which is where she always seems to find herself.

“I live between two worlds. You couldn’t possibly understand,” Emily says.

Revenge season 4 airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

[Image via ABC]