‘Revenge’ Season 4 Spoilers: Emily and Margaux’s Battle Goes To The Next Level

Revenge Season 4 has put Emily against new foes with the battle against Victoria mostly over with for now. Emily Thorne has been dealing with Margaux since Daniel’s death, and that battle might turn deadly on this week’s episode, Revenge Season 4 Episode 17, titled “Loss.”

This week’s episode will focus on Jack and his son. He was arrested at the end of the last episode, and this will put the wheels in motion for a custody issue when it comes to his son. Emily will help Jack fight to clear his name. It is surprising to see Margaux go after Jack in a way that could affect his child. She is definitely a loose cannon at the moment, but she will be in danger.

The preview for the episode released after Sunday’s episode showed Margaux hit by a car. Margaux will not die on Revenge. She is featured in photos for Revenge Season 4 Episode 18 shared by Buddy TV. However, it is not looking good for her baby. She is pregnant with Daniel’s baby, and this accident could end that pregnancy. However, old Amanda Clarke had her baby survive a fall down the stairs when she was pregnant.

Spoilers Guide shared the first Revenge sneak peek released by ABC for this episode, and it shows a conversation between Emily and Victoria. Emily walks in and finds Victoria waiting for her inside the living room of her home. The two make it clear that they are still in a truce, but Emily warns Victoria about Margaux. She tells Victoria in her own way to put the French woman on a leash before she does it herself.

According to International Business Times, this week’s Revenge episode will also see the return of Jack’s mother from rehab. Stevie Grayson will not be a welcomed sight when it comes to Victoria. The death of Louise’s brother will also play a role in the episode. The preview shows Ben coming over to see Nolan and Louise. Her brother fell from a cliff outside Nolan’s home at the end of the last episode.

Revenge has definitely taken the show in a different direction since the return of David Clarke. The battle between Victoria and Emily is no longer the focus of the series, but things will always be tense between the two women.

The series has started to move toward a Jack and Emily romance. Fans have long since thought that these two forming a romantic relationship would be the endgame for the series. It is not known if Revenge Season 5 is a go yet.

Just how much life does Revenge have left? What do you think?

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