Cole DeBoer On ‘Teen Mom 2’? Chelsea Houska Doesn’t Want Adam Lind Meeting Her Boyfriend On MTV Series

Will Cole DeBoer meet Adam Lind on an episode of Teen Mom 2 Season 6? Not if Chelsea Houska has anything to do with it. According to a new report, Houska has banned MTV producers from setting up an on-camera meeting between Cole DeBoer and Lind.

On March 27, a family insider revealed the following to Radar Online.

“Chelsea made it clear that Adam and [Cole DeBoer] were not going to hang out for a dramatic scene. It would never happen in real life, so why force it?”

The family insider confirmed Cole DeBoer and Lind have met briefly in the past, and “exchanged pleasantries,” but when it comes to the two men building a relationship, Houska isn’t interested.

“Adam is not a part of Chelsea’s life, so it’s not important.”

In the summer of last year, Houska met Cole DeBoer, a traffic control specialist in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and the pair began dating. Since then, the two have grown close to one another, and Cole DeBoer has built a relationship with her daughter, Aubree. He’s also met other members of the Houska family, including her father, Randy.

With filming on Teen Mom 2 Season 6 underway, fans can expect to meet Cole DeBoer for the first time in coming months.

“[DeBoer] has filmed once so far. There may be more opportunities in the future.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Houska and Cole DeBoer have been taking their relationship slow since meeting last August. While Lind continues to serial date, Houska and Cole DeBoer have made it a point to keep their relationship in a healthy place, and not rush into anything — including an engagement.

Although there had been reports claiming Houska and Cole DeBoer were talking marriage at the end of last year, a source insisted to Radar Online in January that no engagement had been discussed.

“She’s not getting engaged any time soon. They’re not living together, either. They are having fun and taking things slow— unlike Adam and his girlfriends!”

In the past couple of years, Lind has been notorious for his serious tendencies with girlfriends. Following his spring 2014 breakup from Taylor Halbur, with whom he has a young daughter, Paislee Mae, Lind moved in with Jessica Nicole. Months later, after he and Nicole split, Lind began dating, and living with, Brooke Beaton.

“Cole is the anti-Adam! He treats Chelsea great and Aubree loves him too.”

For more Cole DeBoer, tune into Teen Mom 2 Season 6, when the series premieres later this year on MTV.

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