Lawyers For Denise Huskins And Aaron Quinn Say Abduction Was Not A Hoax

Denise Huskins and her boyfriend, Aaron Quinn, are being accused by police of faking the 29-year-old woman’s kidnapping. However, on Thursday, attorneys for the couple say Huskins’ abduction was no hoax.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times on Thursday, Huskins’ attorney, Douglas L. Rappaport, maintained his client was truly a kidnapping victim and the police are now unfairly accusing her of faking the abduction.

“She is a victim, and she is a woman who has been the victim of a violent crime and to a certain degree is being re-victimized.”

In a separate interview with ABC7 News, Daniel Russo, an attorney representing Aaron Quinn, also insists his client is not lying.

“We have not seen evidence yet that this was some kind of hoax. He was drugged and there were at least two kidnappers. I could understand some kind of theory if they were trying to get money out of someone else, but the ransom demands were specifically to his accounts.”

According to Russo, Quinn has cooperated fully with investigators, including providing a blood sample to test for drugs.

The attorneys came forward to defend their clients after Vallejo police released a statement late Thursday alleging the two concocted the unbelievable story and sent authorities on a “wild goose chase.”

Quinn reported Huskins missing on Monday, nearly 12 hours after the woman was allegedly abducted. On Wednesday, the 29-year-old physical therapist turned up at her mother’s home in Huntington Beach, 400 miles away from Quinn’s home. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Denise Huskins went into hiding after the FBI arranged to fly her back to Northern California to answer questions surrounding her alleged abduction. According to Russo, he has no idea why the Vallejo woman is refusing to meet with investigators and believes it is unfair to speculate.

In an interview with ABC7 News, Denise Huskins’ uncle, Jeff Kane, puts forward his theory of why his niece is refusing to cooperate.

“I think it is unfair they are being portrayed this way by the police department. And then now, because that aired all over the place, the court of opinion is squarely against them. If you go on the Internet, people want their heads. They think they’ve wasted all these public resources. But the truth is just the opposite.”

Law enforcement officials indicate that Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn, who authorities no longer consider victims or witnesses, may face federal or state criminal charges in the case.

[Image via ABC7 News]