Denise Huskins Incognito As Boyfriend Swears He Was Bound And Drugged

Where in the world is Denise Huskins? The once-missing woman is missing again in a very odd case that police have called a hoax. However, KTIC Radio News reports that the woman’s boyfriend denies any involvement in the alleged hoax kidnapping and presumed ransom extortion attempt. In fact, WBOC News reports that Aaron Quinn maintains that he was bound and drugged by intruders who kidnapped his girlfriend against her will. This story just keeps getting weirder with each new detail that comes to the media, but what really happened?

Police officials have called the search for Denise Huskins a “wild goose chase,” ending in her mysteriously showing up on her own, safe and unharmed. The OC Register reports that the woman’s loved ones feel like they’ve been made to look foolish. After the high profile search for the missing woman is over, she now faces the potential to be charged with manufacturing false evidence, perjury, obstruction of justice and other various charges. In other words, she’s in a lot of trouble, but her attorney maintains that neither she or her boyfriend hoaxed her disappearance.

Right now, there are varied reports circulating regarding whether or not the woman has been arrested. Some journalists are taking to social media to share up-to-the-minute news. Even though some journalists are saying that a woman resembling Denise has been arrested, it should be noted that no mainstream news report appears to be confirming this possibility. Until a report or the police confirm it, Denise Huskins is in hiding after her disappearance was confirmed by police to be a hoax. Speaking of social media, the whole controversy surrounding Denise’s disappearance has inspired the hashtag #NotAHoax on Twitter by people who support her and who believe that she was actually kidnapped and held for ransom, even though Vallejo Police, the FBI, and other agencies have declared that all evidence points to a hoaxed disappearance.

#Vallejo PD, regardless if you believe #DeniseHuskins or not, you should release the kidnappers descriptions! #NotAHoax

— Katie Wallace (@katwallace88) March 27, 2015

Do you think Denise Huskins faked her own abduction, or do you think the authorities in this case are in error? The boyfriend of the missing woman claims that he was bound and drugged by intruders, but it hasn’t been reported on whether or not he’s been given a drug test, or if anything he’s said can be backed up with any measurable evidence.

[Photo: Vallejo Police/Missing woman Denise Huskins]