Andrew Gilbertson: Man Eats Own Waste At Trial, Blames It On The Virgin Mary

Samantha Kilgore

Poop has made a lot of headlines lately -- from the idea that we are literally flushing a goldmine down the toilet to the woman who smeared feces on her neighbor over a dispute -- but Andrew Gilbertson may take the cake, so to speak, when it comes to insane poop-related news.

Gilbertson is standing trial for an alleged bank robbery that took place in San Luis Obispo, California, back in 2013. During the bank robbery, Gilbertson, 40, disguised himself by wearing a hat and donning a pink child's backpack. He entered the bank and handed over a note demanding cash to the bank tellers. He then left the scene with an undisclosed amount of cash, but police apprehended him just hours later, with the note, the cash, and his hat and backpack still with him.

Gilbertson is pleading not guilty by reason of insanity to the alleged bank robbery -- because, according to Gilbertson, it was the Virgin Mary who suggested the disguise he used during the crime. The man took the witness stand at his trial on Wednesday and, as the Huffington Post reported, apparently he "decided he was done taking crap from prosecutors," and decided to serve up some of his own instead.


According to reports, during his time on the stand, Gilbertson made perhaps the best argument for his alleged insanity by defecating in his pants. He then casually removed some of his own feces and began eating it.

Judge Donald Umhofer, the presiding judge over the case, quickly called for a recess.

Some people just can't differentiate bad advice from good, and Gilbertson is obviously one of them. The reason why he ate his own feces, Gilbertson claims, is the same as the reason why he decided to use a hat and a backpack as a disguise when robbing a bank -- because the Virgin Mary allegedly told him to do so, despite the fact that the last time didn't turn out well, either.

The trial did eventually resume. At that point, a mental health expert testified that Gilbertson hears voices in his head, and often hits himself in order to silence them. The expert added that Gilbertson is not currently on any anti-psychotic medication.

The prosecution will get the chance to cross-examine the mental health expert on the question of Gilbertson's sanity, but it seems as if Gilbertson may have answered that himself with his trial-stopping snack.

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[Image via Uproxx]